During the 1980s through the 1990s, Adidas enjoyed an healthy market share due to the explosion of retros and reissues..

What we know as modern sneaker culture has origins in the divisive 1960s. Amid the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War and a multitude of protests, a subculture spawned. During the late 1970s, sneaker culture continued to develop through a burgeoning Hip-Hop movement, consequently sneaker culture evolved as a form of expression for the voiceless African-American.

As the conservative politics and corporate 1980s greed manifested and RUN-DMC wrote the song “My Adidas” sneaker culture’s genetic structure changed. What was once clandestine became a global practice.

African-Americans became tastemakers of a culture — of which they reaped few financial benefits. Soon, youth culture around the world replicated the youth culture in New York City, this period birthed the culture we experience today .. “everything old is indeed new again’’

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