Road Rules #2

Road Rules #2

Regardless of our background, ethnicity, race or gender, every once in a while we all gain enough brownie points to thank ourselves for our tireless service and hard work. Occasionally it can be a holiday, dinner with friends, loved ones or even an automobile of choice.
We look back to mid 20th century America to look forwards. Taking cues from classic performance sports cars, the most Avant Garde jazz musicians, visual artists, poets, architects, philosophers, athletes, political leaders and writers. Some famous, infamous and not-so-famous figures in Black culture who claimed and then redefined Ivy style, the dominant look of the time.
We recently headed to F12 Performance with our friend Wayne Colbourne for a morning of the finest luxury car test driving, and we were in the best company driving the Ferrari California T, Lamborghini Huracan and Porsche 718 Cayman.

Pictured: (Left) Beams Plus Crew Sweat and 2 Pleat Twill trousersMackintosh Hig Liner and Reference Library Eddie Sunglasses. (Right) Mackintosh Bloomsbury Colour Block ShirtReference Library Getty Sunglasses and Horatio Beaufoy Loafers.

Pictured: (Left) Mackintosh Stripe Knit RugbyBeams Plus Pullover Hood SweatReference Library Getty Sunglasses and Rolex Submariner. (Right) Mackintosh Bloomsbury ShirtBeams Plus Silk Tie, Orslow 107 Ivy Fit JeansMackintosh Stripe Knit Rugby and Horatio Dartmouth Loafers.


Pictured: (Left) Battenwear Active Lazy Shorts and Beach Tee, Beams Plus Crew Sweat and Sebago Ranger Loafers. (Right) Beams Plus Pullover Hoody, Reference Library Getty's, Battenwear Field Cap and Mackintosh Torrent.

Pictured: Beams Plus Oxford Shirt, Beams Plus Crew Sweat, Battenwear Field Cap and Climbing Pants and EPT Dive

Pictured: (Left) Battenwear Beach Breaker and Packable Tote. (Right) Beams Plus MIL Smock JacketBeams Plus 2 Pleats Twill Trousers, L.L.Bean Boots and Battenwear Field Cap.