Camber USA

Camber USA

The beloved basics brand prides itself on its timeless workwear and sports essentials. The family business has a clear commitment to quality and durability, with the utilization of heavyweight fabrics in their products. The heavyweight fabric makes for high-quality sweaters, t-shirts and hoodies that can withstand hard working conditions without sacrificing style. All of Camber’s products are produced to meticulously high standards in their USA factory. Camber garments are designed to last for years if not decades.

Pictured: Bucket HatCross Knit Pullover Hood and White 5 Pocket Denim Jean (Left) | Muhammad Ali by Arthur Sidey, 28th May 1963 (Right)

Camber USA has cultivated a cult following among those who prioritise durability in their clothing choices, but the brand’s appeal goes beyond workwear. Sweaters have long been a staple of the Ivy League look. Camber style hoodies layered with collared shirts and slacks are always an effective way to achieve the preppy style. The Black Ivy League style is rooted in the aesthetic of black students and intellectuals. Sweaters have been a way for Black Ivy students to showcase their academic affiliations, as well as their belonging to a community that celebrated Black achievement and excellence. 

Pictured: Graduate Baseball CapCross Knit Pullover Hood and White 5 Pocket Denim Jean (Left) | Bucket HatPocket T-Shirt 8 OZ NavyCross Knit Pullover Hood and White 5 Pocket Denim Jean (Right)

Originally, hoodies came from gym wear but soon became a symbol of youth rebellion and Hip-Hop culture. The incorporation of hoodies into the Ivy League style reflects the increasingly popular trend of incorporating casual, streetwear elements into preppy aesthetics. The inclusion of sweaters and hoodies in Black Ivy fashion is more than a stylistic choice; it’s a reflection of 1960s African American adaption to changing social and cultural landscapes.


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